A message to paypigs

If you are someone who is interested in financial domination you may well be familiar with that need, no that longing feeling of wanting to give.

you may not have a mistress to serve, maybe because you havent met the right one, or maybe you cant afford to serve regularly or dammit, maybe u have read about findom and you just wanna try it out.

You dont know why but giving gifts and money makes you feel happy, content, horny even, you feel like you have a reason of being, that its your job to make a woman happy.

and that longing just wont go away until you have spent money on a beautiful woman.

whatever your reason my message to you is……….

financial domination can be very rewarding for both parties, if done right.

its not about total draining wallets or getting yourself into debt, unless you are into that of course, and it certainly isnt about fake ass mistresses calling you a loser and demanding all of your money.

because you know what? you are not a loser, wether submissive or a slave you are not worthless or pathetic, you are a person, you are loved and you do matter.

I hate when mistresses take advantage of a man when they find out he has a financial domination fetish.

I would never encourage or ask anyone to pay me more than their needs or to get into debt for me, thats not to say i dont like to be tributed and spoiled, of course i do, if any girl ever tells you that they dont like money or hate shopping id be very wary, cus i actually think we were born for that shit.

whatever your reason for being on my site, on this page reading this now, my message to you is that you should gift a mistress from your heart, not from your cock,

if something feels off or wrong then they are not the mistress for you.

you should gift and reward because you want too and you should feel happy about it, not stressed or pressured.

when it feels right you will connect, and that doesnt have to be in person, you can connect through words alone, wether spoken or written.

if you can relate to this, if you are connecting with me right now, if you are sat there relating to every word i say, send me a message with your thoughts, im not one of these dommes thats gonna charge you £25 just to answer a damn email.

remember you can enjoy findom and always stay in control at all times, remember that its ok to set boundries and have financial limits.

A domme shouldn’t be in it just for herself, its not all about her, its about you too, it takes 2 halves to make the perfect domme and sub team, and both halves matter just as much as the other.

well that is my motivational speech over, i could type forever about this subject, i honestly could, but every page has to have a ending right?

as i said before, feel free to connect with me more over emailing me on my contact form.